ThermieProvence, the solution for your heating of greenhouses!

THERMIE Provence is the reference for Council for the farmers in the fields of the heating of greenhouses and agricultural heating. Our team will guide you to make the best choices to increase the yield of your boiler room while saving a maximum of energy and therefore money!

We are heating specialists in the following areas:

  • Heating from the strawberry above ground (greenhouses of strawberries)
  • The above-ground tomato (tomato greenhouses) heating
  • Flowers (Horticulture greenhouses) heating
  • Heating of small plants
  • etc...

Council boiler room

Chaudière Bois Comte
THERMIE Provence directed for you to audit Techniques for you propose solutions, improvements of your thermal installations of serres.


Thermie solutions

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Condensing boiler? Wood boiler? Boiler tubes of water? What are the different options that are available to you to heat your greenhouse? The answers here!



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